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101 - 140 Collectables & General

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 101 Lot number 101
An exhaust system for a Harley - Davidson motorcycle, silencer marked Harley-Davidson Motor Company 64900183 H14-003 e4.
Lot 101A Lot number 101A
A collection of ceramics to include tea wares, Japanese also includes a wall clock. [2]
Lot 101B Lot number 101B
A collection of stoneware bottles and similar, framed watercolour, further pictures and curtains. [5]
Lot 102 Lot number 102
Harley - Davidson branded items to include bag, helmet, folder, other accessories including leather waistcoat, baseball cap, gloves and simi...
Lot 103 Lot number 103
A hat box and a quantity of lady's hats. [2]
Lot 104 Lot number 104
Two hat boxes containing a quantity of lady's hats. [2]
Lot 105 Lot number 105
A collection of lady's handbags
Lot 106 Lot number 106
A quantity of lady's handbags and similar.
Lot 107 Lot number 107
Lady's handbags, purses and similar.
Lot 108 Lot number 108
Two boxes of mixed ceramics. [2]
Lot 109 Lot number 109
Two boxes of mixed ceramics. [2]
Lot 110 Lot number 110
An Oregon PP350C electric chainsaw and a Gardenline battery hedge trimmer. [2]
Lot 111 Lot number 111
An electric drill contained in case and two hedge trimmers, one cased. [3]
Lot 112 Lot number 112
A Flymo Garden Vac and an electric hedge trimmer. [2]
Lot 113 Lot number 113
A vintage electric sewing machine marked CS Family Alexander and an Everest portable typewriter...
Lot 114 Lot number 114
Mixed lot of tools to include electric planer, sander, spray gun, torque wrench and similar.
Lot 115 Lot number 115
VW wheel trim and centre caps, four of each, 15'' and 10'' diameters.
Lot 116 Lot number 116
A collection of loose flatware, plated and stainless.
Lot 117 Lot number 117
Lot to include various plated ware, Italian ceramic urn and golfing trophies.
Lot 118 Lot number 118
Christmas Decorations - A Christmas tree and a large Clear Snowflake Rope Light Silhouette. [3]
Lot 119 Lot number 119
A quantity of various collector plates and ornamental bells, three boxes. [3]
Lot 120 Lot number 120
An antique style music system with radio, CD player and vinyl turntable.
Lot 121 Lot number 121
A collection of prints, jigsaw, curtains.
Lot 122 Lot number 122
Two vintage sewing machines, a Singer and a Jones. [2]
Lot 123 Lot number 123
Lot to include metalware, ceramics comprising Delft, Royal Doulton, Shelley and other.
Lot 124 Lot number 124
A collection of various plated ware.
Lot 125 Lot number 125
A collection of mixed metal ware, predominantly plated, part cased.
Lot 126 Lot number 126
Lot to include an electric glue gun, soldering iron set, CCTV camera, air compressor and other.
Lot 127 Lot number 127
A mixed lot to include CD's, a vintage Linguaphone Norwegian language course, metal music stand and camera tripods.
Lot 128 Lot number 128
A collection of DVD's, military related and feature films.
Lot 129 Lot number 129
A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include a Denby salt pig, Japanese vases, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester and similar, glassware to includ...
Lot 130 Lot number 130
A large quantity of jigsaw puzzles, approximately 40 items in total.
Lot 131 Lot number 131
A large quantity of jigsaw puzzles, two boxes. [2]
Lot 132 Lot number 132
A large quantity of jigsaw puzzles, two boxes. [2]
Lot 133 Lot number 133
A collection of boxed jigsaw puzzles.
Lot 134 Lot number 134
A collection of boxed jigsaw puzzles.
Lot 135 Lot number 135
Carp / Barbel / Fresh water course fishing / camping / Set up - Large umbrella, Instent tent, heater and stove, Diawa rod bag, Cobra Euro 50...
Lot 136 Lot number 136
Fresh water Carp / Barbel / 6 x Course Fishing reels - Mitchell 300, SGT 4000X, Okuma L1000, Intrepid Challenger, Mitchell 300A and K.P...
Lot 137 Lot number 137
Seven x Fresh / Course / Fly fishing rods - Jack Stevens Cradley Heath De-Luxe Salmon rod, handwritten title, Lindor split cane Lindsal mode...
Lot 138 Lot number 138
A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include Aynsley, two boxed Royal Doulton figurines Christmas Parcels # HN3493 and With Love # HN3393, Jam...
Lot 139 Lot number 139
Approximately 65 movie DVDs to include 12 Years a Slave, Bad Teacher, Angels & Demons, Gravity, The Devil Wears Prada, After Earth, Pira...
Lot 140 Lot number 140
A mixed lot comprising ceramics including Jasperware, metal ware, plated, brass and other, treen, Metamec clock and other, two boxes. [3]
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