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191 - 225 Furniture & Pictures

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 191 Lot number 191
A twin door pine corner cupboard measuring approximately 184 cm x 97 cm x 43 cm.
Lot 192 Lot number 192
A pine sideboard with twin door cupboard below frieze drawer, approximately 157 cm x 126 cm x 51 cm
Lot 193 Lot number 193
A double bed with a pair of bedside cabinets. [3]
Lot 194 Lot number 194
A pine demi lune console table measuring approximately 72 cm x 86 cm x 43 cm.
Lot 195 Lot number 195
An antique cricket table measuring approximately 62 cm x 72 cm.
Lot 196 Lot number 196
A Reflex Parkway bicycle.
Lot 197 Lot number 197
A pine dining table measuring approximately 73 cm x 172 cm x 99 cm with four chairs and two carvers. [7]
Lot 198 Lot number 198
An antique hanging corner cupboard with internal shelving, approximately 104 cm x 73 cm x 44 cm.
Lot 199 Lot number 199
A rug measuring approximately 155 cm x 105 cm and a runner 375 cm x 80 cm. [2]
Lot 200 Lot number 200
A watercolour and ink landscape scene signed and dated '92 by the artist David Webb, titled verso Pin Mill Suffolk, mounted and framed under...
Lot 201 Lot number 201
A watercolour landscape scene with sheep grazing to the foreground and a mountainous background, mounted and framed under glass, approximate...
Lot 202 Lot number 202
A large bevel edge wall mirror with black and gold coloured frame, approximately 83 cm x 110 cm.
Lot 203 Lot number 203
A wood framed, bevel edge wall mirror with floral decoration, approximately 95 cm x 70
Lot 204 Lot number 204
An Art Nouveau style wall mirror with oval, bevel edge plate, approximately 65 cm x 55 cm.
Lot 205 Lot number 205
An oval framed, bevel edge wall mirror, approximately 88 cm x 67 cm.
Lot 206 Lot number 206
An ornately framed, bevel edge wall mirror, approximately 95 cm x 56 cm.
Lot 207 Lot number 207
A wall mirror with scrollwork frame, approximately 96 cm x 48 cm.
Lot 208 Lot number 208
A pine framed wall mirror, 62 cm x 42 cm and a pine washboard. [2]
Lot 209 Lot number 209
An early 20th century watercolour depicting the childhood home of Welsh poet Ann Griffiths, signed by the artist W G Rose, framed under glas...
Lot 210 Lot number 210
Watercolour landscape scene, street beside a castle, mounted and framed under glass, approximately 30 cm x 40 cm image size.
Lot 211 Lot number 211
Watercolour landscape scene, castle beside water, mounted and framed under glass, approximately 30 cm x 40 cm image size.
Lot 212 Lot number 212
A framed etching after Guercino, depicting a well dressed gentleman, approximately 24 cm x 18 cm.
Lot 213 Lot number 213
A mahogany framed toilet mirror and two wall mirrors. [3]
Lot 214 Lot number 214
Lot to include a jardiniere stand, candle stands and other. [5]
Lot 215 Lot number 215
A large trunk with brass bound corners, approximately 37 cm x 110 cm x 52 cm and one other.
Lot 216 Lot number 216
A vintage Flamus, French, cast iron and enamel stove by Briffault, Paris, approximately 45 cm x 51 cm x 33 cm
Lot 217 Lot number 217
A storage chest and a trunk. [2]
Lot 218 Lot number 218
A pine, twin glazed door bookcase or display cabinet, approximately 110 cm x 98 cm x 28 cm and a painted chest of six graduated drawers. [2]
Lot 219 Lot number 219
A good quality wood tub chair with leather upholstered seat and a commode chair. [2]
Lot 220 Lot number 220
An octagonal topped dining table with metal mounts, approximately 80 cm x 136 cm and four chairs with lancet top back rests. [5]
Lot 220A Lot number 220A
A pair of wrought iron chairs with lancet top back rests and leopard print upholstery. [2]
Lot 220B Lot number 220B
A twin drawer console table measuring approximately 76 cm x 160 cm x 35 cm.
Lot 220C Lot number 220C
A child's porter's style chair, approximately 127 cm (h)
Lot 221 Lot number 221
Two pine, freestanding bookcases, largest approximately 150 cm x 84 cm x 30 cm.
Lot 222 Lot number 222
A twin drawer console table measuring approximately 75 cm x 80 cm x 40 cm and a pine, square top coffee table. [2]
Lot 223 Lot number 223
A good quality pine cupboard having single lancet top door, approximately 153 cm x 61 cm x 38 cm.
Lot 224 Lot number 224
A good quality sideboard measuring approximately 88 cm x 98 cm x 45 cm.
Lot 225 Lot number 225
A step cabinet having triple drawers and a cupboard, approximately 72 cm x 77 cm x 45 cm.
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