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335 - 380 Collectables

This information relates to an auction previously held at the Auction Centre. This auction is now closed. Catalogues for auctions are normally published one week before the auction.
Lot 335 Lot number 335
Lot to include Star Wars audio books, a small quantity of 7'' vinyl records comprising Queen, Thin Lizzy, ELO, Kate Bush and other, vintage ...
Lot 336 Lot number 336
A collection of various tools to include hand tools, battery charger, drill bits, electric plane and other. [4]
Lot 337 Lot number 337
Lot to include a tool box containing a quantity of hand tools, spirit level, a cased Exakt precision saw and similar. [3]
Lot 338 Lot number 338
A collection of boxed tools to include a Michelin Hi Power Tyre Inflator, Black & Decker Scorpion Saw, tile cutter, 45 Watt Electric Spr...
Lot 339 Lot number 339
A Nu Tool Table Saw, model HS2500.
Lot 340 Lot number 340
A collection of tools to include a tile cutter, boxed bench grinder, boxed garden light set and a boxed power sprayer. [4]
Lot 341R Lot number 341R
A mink fur jacket approximately 70 cm (l), a fur stole, other furs and a pair of snakeskin shoes (no size indicated) and other.
Lot 342R Lot number 342R
A collection of mink and similar fur coats, stoles and similar, leather shoes (no size indicated).
Lot 343 Lot number 343
A small mixed lot of collectables to include a Liberty fabric print hippo and a small Liberty fabric covered photograph frame, beadwork bag ...
Lot 344 Lot number 344
Mixed metalware, treen, trinket boxes and similar.
Lot 345 Lot number 345
Lot to include Chinese linen, ruby glass facet cut scent bottle, clock keys, Jaques & Son Happy Families card game autograph book with M...
Lot 346 Lot number 346
Two pairs of Verres 8 field glasses, a Braun Paxette camera and similar.
Lot 347 Lot number 347
A pair of early 20th century Carl Zeiss, Jena, Feldstecher 8 Fach binoculars.
Lot 348 Lot number 348
A vintage enamel advertising sign for Californian Borax, Extract Of Soap, Starch Glaze, approximately 50 cm x 17 cm and a large, card, Guinn...
Lot 349 Lot number 349
Motoring - A large vintage oil can, a small Batoyle of Huddersfield oil pourer and a Lucas head lamp.
Lot 350 Lot number 350
Mixed metalware, vintage safety lamp, silver plated lidded pot and similar.
Lot 351 Lot number 351
A collection of mixed plated ware.
Lot 352 Lot number 352
A quantity of mixed plated ware.
Lot 353 Lot number 353
A Masonic regalia case with contents.
Lot 354 Lot number 354
Vintage Clothing - A collection of lady's headscarves, silk and similar.
Lot 355 Lot number 355
A mixed lot to include two hallmarked silver golf ball markers, brass wall lights, vintage style radio, camera and similar.
Lot 356 Lot number 356
A wood cased Vibra sewing machine, a small Bells whisky decanter and contents, 18.75 cl 40% ABV and a vintage lighter with inset clock. [2]
Lot 357R Lot number 357R
Heavy Guillotine. Metal Vintage. Metal tube handle is 51.5cm long.
Lot 358R Lot number 358R
Motor for Pultra. 10mm Lathe with clutch mechanism. 22cm high.
Lot 359R Lot number 359R
Hand cranked pillar Drill. Vintage. 49cm high.
Lot 360 Lot number 360
Pitmans Swiss Typewriter with Hellioue typewriting course book and a British National Opera 10'' record set...
Lot 361 Lot number 361
Photography - Vintage cameras and film cameras to include Pathescope H, Coronet, Kodak, also included in the lot is a Prilect travel iron.
Lot 362 Lot number 362
Photography - A collection of cameras to include a Hit type Japanese sub miniature example in yellow leather case, also includes a quantity ...
Lot 363 Lot number 363
A scratch built go-kart, approximately 120 cm (l)
Lot 364 Lot number 364
Three walking sticks, one with silver mounts, Birmingham assay 1917 and two parasols.
Lot 365 Lot number 365
A mother of pearl calling card case with hinged cover and inset white metal plaque and a mother of pearl mounted Red Letter New Testament.
Lot 366 Lot number 366
A collection of modern Golly pin badges including the Decades Set, 38 examples in total and a small quantity of other pin badges.
Lot 367 Lot number 367
Two cast metal sculptures raised on circular plinths, approximately 47 cm (h). [2]
Lot 368 Lot number 368
A cast metal sculpture depicting a Greek warrior with shield throwing a spear, approximately 43 cm (h)
Lot 369 Lot number 369
A pair of metal candlesticks, each for four lights, originally part of a garniture, approximately 35 cm (h). [2]
Lot 370 Lot number 370
A plaster sculpture of a seated lady and a cast metal figural candle holder, largest approximately 28 cm (h). [2]
Lot 371 Lot number 371
A small collection of folding pocket knives and similar.
Lot 372 Lot number 372
Lot to include field glasses, cameras and other.
Lot 373 Lot number 373
A collection of vintage, travelling grooming sets, dressing table set, powder compacts and similar.
Lot 374 Lot number 374
Lot comprising treen, shells, wooden boxes and similar.
Lot 375 Lot number 375
A vintage Worlds Smallest Record Player, Wondergram, A Camp Bird Product, contained in original packaging, a modern pocket watch, glass bowl...
Lot 376 Lot number 376
A mixed lot comprising ceramics to include a small Schierholz Plaue urn form vase with applied decoration and gilt highlights, Oriental cera...
Lot 377 Lot number 377
A vintage copper boiler, approximately 47 cm x 37 cm.
Lot 378 Lot number 378
A glass domed display case containing approximately 30 thimbles to include a silver hall marked thimble, Wedgwood Jasperware, Sterling Class...
Lot 379 Lot number 379
Lot to include engineering plans, Royal Air Force Flying Review volume 13, vintage linen, small framed watercolour and other.
Lot 380 Lot number 380
LOT WITHDRAWN - An 'it' travel bag on wheels.
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