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MORE LOTS WILL BE ADDED RIGHT UP TO THE DATE OF THE AUCTION (PLEASE KEEP CHECKING BACK). This catalogue is provided as a guide to identifying lots, and descriptions contained therein represent the opinion of the cataloguers only. This is a Trade Auction and The Consumer Rights Act 2015 does NOT apply. All lots are sold without any form of warranty or guarantee and all sales are final. If in doubt, intending bidders should seek a condition report prior to auction or attend public viewing.

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2 - 50 Collectables

Lot 2 Lot number 2
Two metal dinosaur sculptures by Tony Pusey, also known as Dinosculptor, largest approximately 52 cm (h). [2]. [W]
Lot 3 Lot number 3
Advertising - An enamel advertising sign for Player's Drumhead Cigarettes, approximately 145 cm x 36 cm. [W]
Lot 4 Lot number 4
Natural History - A partially polished ammonite fossil group, 43 cm x 30 cm. [W]
Lot 5 Lot number 5
A Coney bagatelle board, mid 20th century, approximately 73 cm x 69 cm. [W]
Lot 6 Lot number 6
Telecaster - 'Fender' Style guitar. A full size 'Fender' telecaster stlye guitar with gold, 'Wilkinson' hardware added by the owner...
Lot 7 Lot number 7
Fender - T Bucket 300 CE TBK - Electro-Acoustic Guitar. A full size quilted, translucent black finish Fender T Bucket 300 CE appearing in Ex...
Lot 8 Lot number 8
VOX - VT40X - Guitar Amplifier - Valvetronix. An unboxed VOX, VT40X modelling amplifier (40watts). 1 x 10'' Vox speaker...
Lot 9 Lot number 9
A Unimat Selecta lathe and accessories. [W]
Lot 10 Lot number 10
Liberty & Co - A Tudric pewter tray with scroll decorated rim and arch handle, stamped 01203 and raised on bun feet. [W]
Lot 11 Lot number 11
Apex Microscopes - A binocular biological microscope, model N-117M, contained in fitted trave case with cable and accessories. [W]
Lot 12 Lot number 12
A vintage reptile skin hand bag and Japanese kimono. [W]
Lot 13 Lot number 13
An antique riding crop with bird foot handle and white metal collar, 57 cm (l). [W]
Lot 14 Lot number 14
Russian Nesting Dolls - Three sets of five hand painted Matryoshka dolls to include a set decorated with ballerinas and two traditional styl...
Lot 15 Lot number 15
Russian Nesting Dolls - Three sets of five traditional style Matryoshka dolls, each approximately 15 cm (h).
Lot 16 Lot number 16
Russian Nesting Dolls - Two sets of Matryoshka dolls the first decorated with The Beatles, John, Paul, George and Ringo, 11 cm (h), a Snow W...
Lot 17 Lot number 17
Boxing Interest - A framed black and white photographic print depicting Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) from the fight at Wembley...
Lot 18 Lot number 18
Boxing Interest - A commemorative montage depicting a signed photographic print from the bout with George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire 1974, T...
Lot 19 Lot number 19
Boxing Interest - A commemorative montage depicting a signed photographic print from the bout with Joe Frazier, a cast of Muhammad Ali's han...
Lot 20 Lot number 20
Boxing Interest - A commemorative montage featuring a signed photographic print of Muhammad Ali in the ring with The Beatles, a cast of Muha...
Lot 21 Lot number 21
A 70cl bottle of Bells Millennium 2000 8 year old whisky, 40% abv, contained in presentation box. [W]
Lot 22 Lot number 22
Isle Of Jura - A 70cl bottle of 10 y/o single malt whisky, 40% abv, contained in original carton, c. mid 1990's. [W]
Lot 23 Lot number 23
A 700ml bottle of Bowmore 12 year old, 40% abv, contained in carton. [W]
Lot 24 Lot number 24
A 70cl bottle of Jack Daniel's Old No 7, 40% abv. [W]
Lot 25 Lot number 25
Two 70cl bottles of Famous Grouse whisky, 40% abv, each contained in carton. [2]. [W]
Lot 26 Lot number 26
A collection of twenty two miniature bottles of blended whisky, 40% abv, predominantly 5cl to include Spey Royal, Cluny, Jamie Stuart, Macki...
Lot 27 Lot number 27
Twenty nine vintage whisky miniatures predominantly 1? fl oz and 70 proof to include Cutty Sark, Inver House, Cluny, Langs, Vat 69 and simi...
Lot 28 Lot number 28
A 70cl bottle of Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold, 43% abv, contained in carton. [W]
Lot 29 Lot number 29
A 700ml bottle of Singleton Of Dufftown Malt Master's Selection (blend ref. 1106), 40% abv, contained in carton. [W]
Lot 30H Lot number 30H
Lot to include Port, Sherry and other. [W]
Lot 31 Lot number 31
A late 19th or early 20th century spelter figure depicting a classical warrior with axe and shield, approximately 56 cm (h). [W]
Lot 32 Lot number 32
A vintage cast metal, polychrome figure depicting a gentleman in early 19th century dress, approximately 41 cm (h). [W]
Lot 33 Lot number 33
An antique wicker fishing basket / creel, 34 cm x 47 cm x 33 cm. [W]
Lot 34 Lot number 34
A mixed lot to include Prinzlux 10x50 binoculars contained in leather case, carved wooden elephant, coins and other. [W]
Lot 35 Lot number 35
Two D type wagon plates, two builders plaques and a small quantity of rail related literature. [W]
Lot 36 Lot number 36
A black leather general purpose saddle. [W]
Lot 37 Lot number 37
A black leather Western type saddle. [W]
Lot 38 Lot number 38
Lot comprising fossils, mineral samples, semi-precious gemstones and other. [W]
Lot 39 Lot number 39
Two taxidermy or preserved piranhas mounted to wooden bases, largest approximately 15 cm (h). [2]. [W]
Lot 40 Lot number 40
A cast bronze model depicting a female nude, approximately 49 cm (l). [W]
Lot 41 Lot number 41
Boosey & Hawkes - A vintage Emperor Cooper pattern flute, # 552807, contained in fitted case. [W]
Lot 42 Lot number 42
A painted pine, wall mountable shelving unit with Meissen style supports and bevelled mirror back, approximately 35 cm x 35 cm x 14 cm. [W]
Lot 43 Lot number 43
A vintage Singer sewing machine contained in carry case. [W]
Lot 44 Lot number 44
A vintage Zeiss Ikon camera contained in case and a child's glockenspiel decorated with fairytale characters. [W]
Lot 45 Lot number 45
A vintage cast iron fireback depicting two men returning from hunting with their prey, approximately 55 cm x 60 cm. [W]
Lot 46 Lot number 46
A canteen of plated cutlery. [W]
Lot 47 Lot number 47
A Waring & Gillow oak canteen of cutlery, incomplete. [W]
Lot 48 Lot number 48
A canteen of 1960's Norwegian made Courtier Cutlery, stainless steel with wooden handles. [W]
Lot 49 Lot number 49
Christmas decorations to include a Thomas Kinkade Village Christmas illuminated tree, approximately 38 cm (h). [2]. [W]
Lot 50 Lot number 50
Bose VideoWave Entertainment System - an outstanding vision and surround sound facilty with cinema quality sound as featured in Bose demonst...
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