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51 - 110 Military

Lot 51 Lot number 51
A pair of World War Two (WW2 / WWII) British military 6x30 binoculars, made by REL Canada, stamped with Broad Arrow and dated 1944, containe...
Lot 52 Lot number 52
A German Third Reich Wehrmacht field artillery clinometer, bearing a Waffenamt stamp and dated 1934, makers mark for Franz Kuhlmann. [W]
Lot 53 Lot number 53
Two World War Two (WW2 / WWII) German cloth bags for high explosive charges and a screw in fuse for ordnance shell, stamped hdd 44.
Lot 54 Lot number 54
A scarce World War Two (WW2 / WWII) German Waffen marked inert improvised grenade, circa 1945, originally dropped by parachute and modified ...
Lot 55 Lot number 55
Two UK medals comprising General Service Medal with Cyprus clasp, 23337075 RFN T MARTIN R.U.R and a Territorial Efficiency Medal 811502 SJT ...
Lot 56 Lot number 56
A World War Two (WW2 / WWII) German ZZS/60nA mechanical fuse, dated 1944, makers mark hhj, Waffenamt stamped, inert. [W]
Lot 57 Lot number 57
A World War Two (WW2 / WWII) anti personnel rifle grenade, K98, marked byW 42 17e. [W]
Lot 58 Lot number 58
A World War Two (WW2 / WWII) German high explosive rifle/hand grenade, able to be fired from the K98 or hand thrown after removing the bakel...
Lot 59 Lot number 59
World War Two (WW2 / WWII) - A German Third Reich SS Standort Kantine Buchenwald 1 Reichsmark token.
Lot 60 Lot number 60
A World War Two (WW2 / WWII) German army training manual, Der Dienstunterricht im heere. [W]
Lot 61 Lot number 61
A German cigar case bearing 1927 pattern NSDAP eagle, five internal compartments for cigars, approximately 14 cm x 11 cm. [W]
Lot 62 Lot number 62
A World War Two (WW2 / WWII) Nazi propaganda poster for Germanys U-boat campaign in 1942, depicting three maps detailing attacks on Allied v...
Lot 63 Lot number 63
A William Rodgers Fairbairn Sykes style fighting knife, I Cut My Way, 13.8 cm blade, with leather sheath...
Lot 64 Lot number 64
A W H Fagan & Son Fairbairn Sykes style fighting knife, 14 cm blade, with remains of leather sheath...
Lot 65 Lot number 65
A Scottish piper's dirk with white metal queen's crown pommel, marked to the ricasso Wilkinson Sword Co Ltd London, Made In England and whit...
Lot 66 Lot number 66
A stiletto type fighting knife with 22 cm (l) triangular section blade, 34 cm (l) overall. [W]
Lot 67 Lot number 67
A World War Two (WW2 / WWII) brown leather Walther pistol holster. [W]
Lot 68 Lot number 68
A late 19th century deer foot hilt Swedish dagger, 17 cm (l) blade, the hilt with silver mount, c.1890. [W]
Lot 69 Lot number 69
An 1831 pattern French artillery sidearm. Gladius type sword with a ribbed brass hilt, cross guard with circular quillons and 46 cm (l) spea...
Lot 70 Lot number 70
A set of World War Two (WW2 / WWII) British army folding wire cutters, marked with broad arrow and 256 and dated 1944. [W]
Lot 71 Lot number 71
Three British socket bayonets. [W]
Lot 72 Lot number 72
A tribal blade with tooled leather arm worn sheath, 46 cm (l) blade with brass mounted hilt. [W]
Lot 73 Lot number 73
An unusual bottle opener formed from a chain and wingnut, possibly a trench art piece. [W]
Lot 74 Lot number 74
A collection of military badges to include Royal Fusiliers, Queensland Medical Department and other. [W]
Lot 75 Lot number 75
Two World War Two (WW2 / WWII) propaganda posters including a US OWI Poster No 79, largest approximately 60 cm x 40 cm...
Lot 76 Lot number 76
An antique staghorn hilt knife with 25 cm (l) single edge blade, 40 cm (l) overall. [W]
Lot 77 Lot number 77
A vintage United States of America Department Of The Air Force polished pewter dish by Wilton, approximately 28 cm (d). [W]
Lot 78 Lot number 78
A collection of aviation related patches housed in five framed displays, largest approximately 27 cm x 27 cm. [5]. [W]
Lot 79 Lot number 79
A quantity of pin badges, predominantly aviation related. [W]
Lot 80 Lot number 80
A collection of NATO Tiger Meet cloth patches, various squadrons, 1990's to 2000's. [W]
Lot 81 Lot number 81
A bamboo swagger stick, 60 cm (l). [W]
Lot 82 Lot number 82
A good collection of aviation / squadron related cloth and similar patches. [W]
Lot 83 Lot number 83
A collection of military / aviation related medallions / commemorative coins to include Royal Air Tattoo, NATO Tiger Meet, RAF and other, al...
Lot 84 Lot number 84
A quantity of wooden shield plaques of aviation interest to include NATO Tiger Meet, International Air Tattoo, International Air Show, Air F...
Lot 85 Lot number 85
Aviation Interest - NATO Tiger Association: A commemorative print from the NATO Tiger Meet 1991 RAF Fairford, hand signed by numerous attend...
Lot 86 Lot number 86
A collection of commemorative wooden shield plaques 1980's to 2000's relating to International Air Tattoo / Royal International Air Tattoo...
Lot 87 Lot number 87
Aviation Interest - A collection of Squadron Prints and similar informational sheets on military aircraft, some bearing signatures contained...
Lot 88 Lot number 88
A collection of commemorative wooden shield plaques to include squadron, NATO AWACS, International Air Tattoo, NATO Tiger Meet and other...
Lot 89 Lot number 89
A collection of RAF related cloth patches, squadron and other. [W]
Lot 90 Lot number 90
Aviation Interest - A collection of Squadron Prints and similar informational sheets on military aircraft, some bearing signatures. [W]
Lot 91 Lot number 91
A collection of USAF related cloth and similar patches. [W]
Lot 92 Lot number 92
A decorative labrys style axe with turned wooden shaft, approximately 78 cm (l). [W]
Lot 93 Lot number 93
A collection of USAF related cloth and similar patches. [W]
Lot 94 Lot number 94
A decorative Oakshott style sword, approximately 77 cm (l). [W]
Lot 95 Lot number 95
A collection of world air force related cloth and similar patches and stickers to include Austrian, Czech, Indian and other. [W]
Lot 96 Lot number 96
An obsolete calibre (4.5mm) pocket pistol. It has a non-working action and some of the original chrome remains in the frame and cylinder...
Lot 97 Lot number 97
A Ruger mark 1 4.5mm (0.177) cal. break action air pistol. With an instruction manual, 2 tins of pellets, a leather belt pellet pouch, a coc...
Lot 98 Lot number 98
A single shot 6mm BB pistol with 2 containers of 6mm BBs
Lot 99 Lot number 99
A Browning shotgun,12 gauge/bore 2 3/4 and 3 inch B725 Sporter S1 with adjustable stock, It has 37cm (30 inch) barrels, 5 chokes, ventilated...
Lot 100 Lot number 100
A Remington 1100 12 Bore/gauge Semi-Auto shotgun in excellent condition. It has a barrel length of 70cm and is chambered for 2 3/4 shells...
Lot 101 Lot number 101
A pick or axe formed from deer antler, believed by the vendor to be a stone age example, approximately 70 cm (l). [W]
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