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111 - 200 Collectables

Lot 111 Lot number 111
A Penny Farthing or ordinary bicycle with moustache handlebars, slotted cranks, spoon brake, mounting step and leather saddle, in good worki...
Lot 112 Lot number 112
An upholstered bedroom armchair and a similar footstool. [2]. [W]
Lot 113R Lot number 113R
An oak blanket chest with three panel front and hinged top, approximately 68 cm x 95 cm x 47 cm. [W]
Lot 114 Lot number 114
A large mahogany gavel with turned handle, approximately 37 cm (l). [W]
Lot 115 Lot number 115
Four carved wood busts / wall masks, largest approximately 26 cm (h).
Lot 116 Lot number 116
After Jules Moigniez (French, 1835-1894) - A pair of painted cast metal sculptures of Highland stags, each stood on a rocky outcrop, over mo...
Lot 117 Lot number 117
Lot to include ceramics, treen, glassware and similar. [W]
Lot 118 Lot number 118
A wooden display housing a quantity of thimbles and small decorative ornaments, 53 cm x 83 cm. [W]
Lot 119 Lot number 119
A corner chair with rush seat. [W]
Lot 120 Lot number 120
A Victorian light mahogany chest of two over two drawers measuring 88 cm x 106 cm x 42 cm. [B]
Lot 121 Lot number 121
Fruit Machine illuminated sign - 500 Cash - by 'Game Soft' in working order, the sign mounted on na plinth appears in excellent condition, ...
Lot 122 Lot number 122
A Daewoo Electronics American style fridge freezer, model DRS31PSMI, approximately 180 cm x 90 cm x 70 cm. [W]
Lot 123 Lot number 123
An oak court cupboard with carved decoration having an arrangement of cupboards and two drawers, approximately 178 cm x 177 cm x 49 cm. [W]
Lot 124 Lot number 124
A pine blanket box measuring approximately 51 cm x 102 cm x 51 cm. [W]
Lot 125 Lot number 125
Scouting Interest - A vintage piece of fabric profusely decorated with a large quantity of scout group cloth patches, UK and foreign example...
Lot 126 Lot number 126
Photography - A collection of cameras, camcorders and accessories. [W]
Lot 127 Lot number 127
Unused Retail Stock - Eighteen Case It mobile phone wallet folios with screen protectors, contained in original packaging and four Maverick ...
Lot 128 Lot number 128
Advertising signs to include Lambretta and Albion, largest 81 cm (l). [2]. [W] Condition Report: The white marks on the Albion sign are mere...
Lot 129 Lot number 129
Advertising pieces to include a framed Singer Cycles poster and a Rudge Whitworth sign, 92 cm (l). [2]. [W]
Lot 130 Lot number 130
A chrome model of a petrol pump nozzle with cast metal ESSO plaque to the base, 33 cm (h). [W]
Lot 131 Lot number 131
A vintage Joseph Lucas oil fired bicycle lamp, 12 cm (h). [W]
Lot 132 Lot number 132
A Powell & Hanmer (P&H) Vulture chromed brass acetylene or carbide plated brass cased bicycle lamp, 2.5'' lens and red and green tel...
Lot 133 Lot number 133
A Miller Regalite nickel plated, brass cased, acetylene or carbide bicycle lamp with 3'' convex lens and green tell tales, 16 cm (h). [W]
Lot 134 Lot number 134
A Jabez Bate & Co Verona oil fired bicycle lamp with 2'' red lens, 11.5 cm (h). [W]
Lot 135 Lot number 135
A Powell & Hanmer (P&H) Panther De Luxe acetylene or carbide bicycle lamp with 3'' clear convex lens and red and green tell tales, 1...
Lot 136 Lot number 136
A Joseph Lucas Aceta carbide or acetylene bicycle lamp with 3'' clear convex lens, 15.5 cm (h). [W]
Lot 137 Lot number 137
A Powell & Hanmer (P&H) Panther acetylene or carbide bicycle lamp with 3'' convex clear glass lens an red and green tell tales, 15 c...
Lot 138 Lot number 138
A Joseph Lucas Calcia Toura acetylene or carbide bicycle lamp with green tell tales, 17.5 cm (h). [W]
Lot 139 Lot number 139
A Joseph Lucas Calcia Cadet acetylene or carbide bicycle lamp with 2'' clear convex lens and green tell tales, 14 cm (h). [W]
Lot 140 Lot number 140
A vintage acetylene or carbide bicycle lamp with 2'' clear glass lens, approximately 15 cm (h). [W]
Lot 141 Lot number 141
A cast iron advertising piece for Michelin Casing And Tubes featuring a standing Bibendum, 34 cm (h). [W]
Lot 142 Lot number 142
Lot to include a canvas bag containing a quantity of hand tools, vintage linen, boxed carpet bowls and other. [4]. [W]
Lot 143H Lot number 143H
A mixed lot to include trinket box, fans, flatware, shells and other. [W]
Lot 144H Lot number 144H
A black painted wrought iron planter stand, approximately 48 cm x 62 cm x 17 cm. [W]
Lot 145H Lot number 145H
A collection of vintage linen, head scarves and other. [W]
Lot 146H Lot number 146H
Lot comprising handbags to include Radley, gloves, purses and other. [W]
Lot 147H Lot number 147H
Bang & Olufsen - A Beogram 2000 turntable and Beocord 2000. [2]. [W] Condition Report: The items are fitted with 2 pin continental plugs...
Lot 148H Lot number 148H
- LOT WITHDRAWN - Lot to include fur coats / jackets, sheepskin hat, handbags and other. [W]
Lot 149H Lot number 149H
A vintage pigeon timing clock by the Automatic Timing Clock Co Ltd, a collection box and quantity of brassware. [W]
Lot 150H Lot number 150H
A vintage Singer 258 electric sewing machine. [W]
Lot 151H Lot number 151H
A quantity of plated ware and boxed crystal wares. [W]
Lot 152H Lot number 152H
Vintage audio equipment to include a HMV portable turntable. [2]. [W]
Lot 153H Lot number 153H
Two hat boxes containing a quantity of lady's hats. [2]. [W]
Lot 154H Lot number 154H
Bang & Olufsen - A Beomaster 2000 and a pair of Beovox X35 speakers. [3]. [W] Condition Report: The item is fitted with 2 pin continenta...
Lot 155H Lot number 155H
A decorative metal garden ornament in the form of a heron, 107 cm (h). [W]
Lot 156H Lot number 156H
A small Burton Safe Company metal safe, two keys, approximately 22 cm x 35 cm x 30 cm. [W]
Lot 157H Lot number 157H
A two seat garden love seat and table, approximately 95 cm x 155 cm x 76 cm. [W]
Lot 158H Lot number 158H
A Revitive ProHealth Circulation Booster, contained in original box and a boxed Morphy Richards toaster. [2]. [W]
Lot 159H Lot number 159H
Ten boxed pairs of lady's shoes, all size 6. [W]
Lot 160 Lot number 160
A collection of knives and a vintage mincer. [W] Note: This lot is not for sale to people under the age of 18...
Lot 161 Lot number 161
Various sewing and crafting equipment. [2]. [W]
Lot 162 Lot number 162
Photography - Cameras and accessories to include Olympus, Canon, Samsung and other. [W]
Lot 163 Lot number 163
Photography - Cameras and accessories to include Olympus, Canon, Kodak and other. [W]
Lot 164 Lot number 164
A collection of vintage linen. [W]
Lot 165 Lot number 165
A quantity of collector spoons, predominantly in original packaging and a collection of Wade Whimsies. [W]
Lot 166 Lot number 166
A large quantity of collector spoons. [W]
Lot 167 Lot number 167
A mixed lot to include penknife, boxed Victory Geographical wooden puzzle, boxed chopsticks set and other. [W]
Lot 168 Lot number 168
A Wild Heerbrugg RZ22 technical drawing set contained in fitted case. [W]
Lot 169 Lot number 169
A gouache on paper study of a recumbent dog, framed print, glass watering spheres and other. [W]
Lot 170 Lot number 170
A Sharp PA-3100S portable electric typewriter and a Petite portable typewriter. [2]. [W]
Lot 171 Lot number 171
Lot comprising ceramics to include Toby and character jugs, Kilrush Ceramics vase pair, Art Deco style plate, carved wooden pot, diecast car...
Lot 172 Lot number 172
Two jardiniere stands, largest approximately 90 cm (h) and a decorative urn. [3]. [W]
Lot 173 Lot number 173
Christmas Decorations - A Father Christmas figure, approximately 60 cm (h) and a painted wood rocking horse form nutcracker, 44 cm (h)...
Lot 174 Lot number 174
A Protector Lamp & Lighting Co Ltd Type MC40 safety lamp numbered 516, a vintage Servis Recorder tachograph and AA badge. [W]
Lot 175 Lot number 175
A Kent acoustic guitar contained in case and a carved wood walking stick. [2]. [W]
Lot 176 Lot number 176
A Glenlivet 12 year old whisky tin containing a collection of promotional pens including Parker. [W]
Lot 177 Lot number 177
A vintage aluminium mechanical money bank and a small soft toy bear. [W] Note: Mechanical cast iron banks were first manufactured in the lat...
Lot 178 Lot number 178
A collection of animal figures to include elephants, tiger and other and two Royal Worcester collector plates. [W]
Lot 179 Lot number 179
Lot to include a child's tea set, glass Disney figures, miniature clocks, Nao figure, Lladro and other...
Lot 180 Lot number 180
A quantity of perfume bottles, predominantly glass and cased flatware. [W]
Lot 181 Lot number 181
Lot to include model aircraft desk ornament, vintage Oki mobile telephone, football trade cards and other. [W]
Lot 182 Lot number 182
Robertsons - Lot to include musician advertising figures, footballer pin badge and keyring...
Lot 183 Lot number 183
Lot to include a National Geographic Dobson telescope 76/350, Nikon camera and accessories. [W]
Lot 184 Lot number 184
A Traveler USB Microscope, Magellan GPS system, clock and hygrometer and other. [2]. [W]
Lot 185 Lot number 185
Lot to include radios, compasses and hip flasks. [W]
Lot 186 Lot number 186
Lot to include Parker pen, silver sugar tongs, miniature clocks and other. [2]. [W]
Lot 187 Lot number 187
A vintage Stylophone and a portable typewriter. [2]. [W]
Lot 188 Lot number 188
Lot to include a vintage carving set, carnival glass, Dartmoor Toby jug, silver mounted flatware and an antique brass and iron powder foldin...
Lot 189 Lot number 189
Tools to include a metal trimmer, Minicraft Precision Drill and stand and similar. [W]
Lot 190 Lot number 190
A small quantity of boxed garden solar wall lights. [W]
Lot 191 Lot number 191
A reconstituted stone garden planter, approximately 49 cm (h). [W]
Lot 192R Lot number 192R
Ethnographica - An African tribal carving, 88 cm (l) and an Islamic copper dish, 40 cm (d). [2]. [W]
Lot 193 Lot number 193
A bow front chest of two over three drawers, raised on outswept supports, approximately 84 cm x 72 cm x 41 cm. [W]
Lot 194 Lot number 194
A vintage school desk with hinged top, raised on four tapering supports, approximately 64 cm x 44 cm x 36 cm. [W]
Lot 195 Lot number 195
A late 19th or early 20th century toilet mirror, the bow front base having three drawers, turned mirror supports with acorn finials and the ...
Lot 196 Lot number 196
A copper coal scuttle and four vintage wooden woodworking planes. [W]
Lot 197 Lot number 197
A pair of figural stem table lamps having five lights, approximately 92 cm (h). [2]. [W]
Lot 198 Lot number 198
A vintage dial telephone and a money bank in the form of a sheep. [W]
Lot 199 Lot number 199
Mixed collectables to include baoding balls, Harrods card case, coins, militaria and other.
Lot 200 Lot number 200
Breweriana - Advertising pieces to include four Crocodillo glasses, four Babycham glasses, Babycham fawn clip and Dizzy Blonde pump clip...
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