Bidding Form

601 - 700 Late Entries

Lot 601 Lot number 601
A Royal Doulton figure, The Jester HN2016, 25 cm (h) and a Doulton Lambeth Chine Ware vase (restoration to the neck). [2]. [W]
Lot 602 Lot number 602
A collection of character and Toby jugs, figural jar and cover depicting a snuff taker, 33 cm (h)...
Lot 603 Lot number 603
Mixed ceramics to include Minton, Royal Doulton, Arthur Wood, Masons and other. [2]...
Lot 604 Lot number 604
Lot to include a large glass bottle, 38 cm (h), Royal Doulton Golden Eagle decanter (empty) and other. [W]
Lot 605 Lot number 605
A late 19th century Royal Crown Derby cup and saucer decorated in the Imari palette and an Old Imari coffee can and saucer, late 20th centur...
Lot 606 Lot number 606
A small Meissen cabinet cup and saucer, the exterior encrusted with applied flowers, decorated with flowers and insects with a naturalistic ...
Lot 607 Lot number 607
Blue and white wares to include octagonal section cup and saucer, shallow bowl (16 cm diameter) and a further bowl. [4]. [W]
Lot 608 Lot number 608
Four ceramic snuff bottles decorated with erotic scenes and a small cloisonne pot and cover. [W]
Lot 609 Lot number 609
Lot to include plated ware, decorative perfume bottles and other. [W]
Lot 610 Lot number 610
Mixed ceramics to include Spode, Coalport, Aynsley, Royal Doulton and other. [W] NOTE: THIS LOT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR IN HOUSE SHIPPING, PLEA...
Lot 611 Lot number 611
A large pair of baluster vase decorated with swans, approximately 52 cm (h). [2]...
Lot 612 Lot number 612
A large Beswick Old English Sheepdog, # 2232, approximately 29 cm (h). [W]
Lot 613 Lot number 613
A heraldic tapestry on display stand, 143 cm (h), a wash bowl and jug and Old English Sheepdog figures. [3]. [W]
Lot 614 Lot number 614
Photography - Cameras to include Bencini, Kodak, Pentax and other. [W].
Lot 615 Lot number 615
Swarovski - A boxed figure from the Crystal Paradise Birds collection, Flamingo, approximately 20.5 cm (h), box also has outer card sleeve...
Lot 616 Lot number 616
Swarovski - A boxed crystal figure from the Crystal Paradise Birds collection, Hummingbird, approximately 12.5 cm (h), box with outer card s...
Lot 617 Lot number 617
Swarovski - A boxed crystal figure group of Father Christmas, Christmas Tree and Present with display dome, model approximately 7 cm (h) and...
Lot 618 Lot number 618
Swarovski - A boxed crystal figure depicting a rearing stallion, approximately 17 cm (h), box with outer card sleeve and contained in Swarov...
Lot 619 Lot number 619
Swarovski - Two boxed Swarovski Crystal Society models comprising a zebra and baby zebra, largest approximately 11 cm (h), boxes with outer ...
Lot 620 Lot number 620
Swarovski - Three boxed models comprising a Jungle Beats collection decorative box and two smaller ornaments and contained in Swarovski gift...
Lot 621 Lot number 621
Swarovski - A boxed Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose and Dome, box with outer card sleeve. [W]
Lot 622 Lot number 622
Swarovski - A boxed Swarovski Crystal Society model depicting an Edelweiss plant, approximately 6.5 cm (h), box with outer card sleeve. [W]
Lot 623 Lot number 623
Swarovski - A boxed Harry Potter model depicting Hedwig the snowy owl sat atop a stack of books, 5 cm (h), box with outer card sleeve. [W].
Lot 624 Lot number 624
Swarovski - A boxed Harry Potter model depicting the Sorting Hat, approximately 5 cm (h). [W]
Lot 625 Lot number 625
Swarovski - A boxed crystal group depicting a pair of Atlantic Puffins, approximately 5 cm (h), box with outer card sleeve...
Lot 626 Lot number 626
Swarovski - Two boxed crystal groups comprising Kris Bear Happy Together, approximately 4.5 cm (h) and a similar model You're The Best, both...
Lot 627 Lot number 627
Swarovski - A boxed Harry Potter crystal ornament Golden Snitch (Quidditch Ball), approximately 7 cm (l), box with outer card sleeve...
Lot 628 Lot number 628
Swarovski - Two boxed crystal figures comprising Dreamy The Elephant and Monkey With Banana, largest approximately 6 cm (h). [2]. [W]
Lot 629 Lot number 629
Swarovski - Four boxed crystal figures comprising Baby, Baby Tortoises, Shelly The Turtle and Luck Charm, largest approximately 5.5 cm (h)...
Lot 630 Lot number 630
Swarovski - A collection of boxed Swarovski crystal to include a squirrel, ducks, a box of loose various colour crystals and other. [W]
Lot 631 Lot number 631
Swarovski - A collection of Swarovski Crystal pieces, predominantly in original boxes to include Christmas Annual Edition 2021, Rocking Ange...
Lot 632 Lot number 632
A yellow metal Samson Mordan & Co propelling pencil, stamped S. Mordan & Co, approximately 15.7 grams...
Lot 633 Lot number 633
A yellow metal and blue enamel propelling pencil, approximately 16 grams. [W] Condition Report: Pencil extends, lead does not extend or retr...
Lot 634 Lot number 634
Mixed collectables to include vesta cases, matchbox cover, baby's rattle, white metal charms, bone handled seal and other. [W]
Lot 635 Lot number 635
Two ceramic figures comprising Royal Doulton HN2484 Past Glory and Royal Worcester Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday, largest approximately 2...
Lot 636 Lot number 636
Glassware to include paperweights, antique green glass bottle, white metal mounted decanter, green glass fishing float and other...
Lot 637 Lot number 637
Swarovski - A boxed Harry Potter crystal model depicting the Hogwarts Express steam train, approximately 18 cm (l), packaging includes outer...
Lot 638 Lot number 638
Swarovski - A boxed crystal group from the With Love collection depicting a pair of Love Birds with a pink heart, approximately 6.5 cm (h), ...
Lot 639 Lot number 639
Swarovski - A boxed crystal model from the Flower Dreams collection, Orchid (large), approximately 13 cm (h)., box with outer card sleeve...
Lot 640 Lot number 640
Swarovski - A boxed crystal figure from the Jungle Beats collection, Pink Parakeet Cha Cha, approximately 9 cm (l), box with outer card slee...
Lot 641 Lot number 641
Swarovski - A collection of boxed pieces to include a Disney Minnie Mouse Inspired Shoe ornament, Replica Set Annual Edition 2020, a further...
Lot 642 Lot number 642
Disney - Three boxed Disney Magical Moments figures / groups comprising Lady And The Tramp, Bambi and The Little Mermaid and two Disney glas...
Lot 643 Lot number 643
A pair of Runnaford Pottery Will Young settle groups depicting characters from Uncle Tom Cobley, each approximately 11 cm (h). [2]...
Lot 644 Lot number 644
A collection of glassware to include animal figures, Swarovski style models and other...
Lot 645 Lot number 645
Disney - Three boxed enamel groups / trinket boxes comprising Beauty And The Beast and Bambi, largest approximately 12.5 cm (h). [3]. [W]
Lot 646 Lot number 646
Disney - Five boxed enamel figural trinket boxes comprising Dombo, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Dumbo and other, largest approximately 10 cm ...
Lot 647 Lot number 647
Disney - Five boxed enamel character trinket boxes comprising Eeyore, Dumbo, Marie, Jiminy Cricket and Minnie Mouse, largest approximately 9...
Lot 648 Lot number 648
Disney - Five boxed Disney Princess enamel trinket boxes comprising The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Snow White...
Lot 649 Lot number 649
Disney - Four boxed enamel trinket boxes comprising Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen and Mrs Potts And Chip (Beauty And The Beast), largest a...
Lot 650 Lot number 650
Wedgwood - six figurines depicting the 'Wives of King Henry VIII' collection comprising Catherine Howard # CW443, Catherine Parr # CW414, An...
Lot 651 Lot number 651
Coalport - four figurines entitled Age of Elegance 'Polonaise Walk' and 'Midsummer Dream', Classic Elegance Anniversary Wishes, and La Belle...
Lot 652 Lot number 652
Coalport - three figurines entitled 'True Love' # CW547, 'Grand Finale' # CW678, and 'Diana, Princess of Wales' # CW438, height approx 23 cm...
Lot 653 Lot number 653
Royal Doulton and Royal Worcester - four figurines comprising (R Doulton) 'Flowers of Love, Forget Me Not' # HN3700 and 'Elyse' # HN4131 and...
Lot 654 Lot number 654
A Murano glass figurine depicting a flamenco dancer dressed in yellow and black, approx 33 cm (h) appears good throughout (this does not con...
Lot 655 Lot number 655
Royal Doulton - a figurine depicting Cinderella, the Millennium Blue Edition from the Fairytale Princesses collection # CW342 on plinth, HN3...
Lot 656 Lot number 656
Coalport - two figurines from the 'Passion for Dance' collection entitled 'Bolero' # CW467, height approx 23 cm, and 'Flamenco' # CW434 with...
Lot 657 Lot number 657
Royal Doulton, Coalport - two figurines comprising Carmen HN3993 CW354 by Doulton issued in a limited edition, approx 22.5 cm (h) and Lady i...
Lot 658 Lot number 658
Coalport - eleven figurines entitled Abigail, Buttercup, Leona, Tricia, Savannah, Tiffany, Crystal, Amanda, Cindy and 2 off Lady Hannah, all...
Lot 659 Lot number 659
Viners - a 44-piece deluxe canteen of gold plated cutlery in presentation case, and a cased set of plated long handled spoons in presentatio...
Lot 670 Lot number 670
Disney - Five boxed enamel character trinket boxes comprising Mickey Mouse (Christmas), Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Piglet and Lady, largest ...
Lot 671 Lot number 671
Eight boxed enamel trinket boxes by Craycombe Trinkets, largest approximately 7.5 cm (h). [W]
Lot 672 Lot number 672
Eight boxed enamel trinket boxes, animal form and other. [W]
Lot 673 Lot number 673
A collection of nine boxed enamel and similar trinket boxes, animal form and other. [W]
Lot 674 Lot number 674
Ten boxed enamel trinket boxes Secrets From Hidden Treasures, animal form and similar. [W]
Lot 675 Lot number 675
A reproduction steam train (engine) nameplate, King George V, approximately 166 cm (l)...
Lot 676 Lot number 676
A large pair of bronzed metal stags, approximately 82.5 cm (h). [2]. [W]
Lot 677 Lot number 677
Royal Albert - A very large quantity of Old Country Roses pattern dinner wares, tea wares and similar, approximately 290 pieces...
Lot 678 Lot number 678
A capodimonte figure group depicting a man sat on a bench with a dog at his feet, approximately 34 cm (h). [W]
Lot 679 Lot number 679
A quantity of cameras and accessories and a first edition Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. [W]
Lot 680 Lot number 680
A collection of vintage beers to include Red Stripe Crucial Brew, Thomas Hardy's Ale, Straffe Hendrik and other. [W]
Lot 681 Lot number 681
Lot to include RAOB related items and ephemera, two Red Cross nursing medals / medallions including Long And Efficient Service medal, clay p...
Lot 682 Lot number 682
Disney - A boxed Enesco Disney Showcase Collection Little Mermaid model, Seashell Scenario. [W]
Lot 683 Lot number 683
Disney - A collection of predominantly boxed Disney related items comprising Cogsworth Clock, Mrs Potts Tea Pot...
Lot 684 Lot number 684
Wade - A collection of whimsies, whoppas, miniature buildings and other. [W] NOTE: THIS LOT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR IN HOUSE SHIPPING, PLEASE C...
Lot 685 Lot number 685
Wade - A collection of whimsies, whoppas, miniature buildings and other. [W] NOTE: THIS LOT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR IN HOUSE SHIPPING, PLEASE C...
Lot 686 Lot number 686
An upholstered bedroom chair with carved decoration of grapes. [W]
Lot 687 Lot number 687
An oil of canvas depicting a Greek coastal scene, mounted and framed under glass, signed by the artist lower right, image size 48cm x 62cm
Lot 688 Lot number 688
Disney - A Mickey Mouse cake stand, approximately 24 cm (h), contained in original shipping packaging. [W]
Lot 689 Lot number 689
A collection of Prattware pots and lids to include The Travellers rest, On Guard, Hide And Seek, Cherry Tooth Paste and other. [W]
Lot 690 Lot number 690
A wooden model of a Victorian pillar box, the door opening to reveal a collection of models of historic post / pillar boxes, 89 cm (h). [W]
Lot 691 Lot number 691
A table top gramophone with His Master's Voice label, mechanism marked Manufactured By The Gramophone Co Ltd, Hayes Middlesex 270-D, with wi...
Lot 692 Lot number 692
Franz Porcelain - Three boxed pieces to include Blue Butterfly Cup and Saucer set, Hummingbird Spoon and Hummingbird Vase. [3]...
Lot 693 Lot number 693
A 75cl bottle of Grant's whisky, 43% abv, specially bottled for Gulf Air. [W]
Lot 694 Lot number 694
A collection of blue and white ginger jars (three with covers), decorated with prunus, largest with four character Kangxi mark to the base, ...
Lot 695 Lot number 695
A quantity of collector plates, predominantly contained in boxes / shipping packaging to include a Bradford Exchange limited edition Flying ...
Lot 696 Lot number 696
Mixed ceramics and glassware to include two Moyses Stevens blue and white flower baskets, crystal tea light holder and other. [W]
Lot 697 Lot number 697
A boxed Black & Decker Workmate 536 workbench. [W]
Lot 698 Lot number 698
A large hand crafted model The Sword In The Stone, approximately 140 cm (h). [W]
Lot 699 Lot number 699
A red painted level crossing lamp, 35 cm (h). [W]
Lot 700 Lot number 700
A vintage London Underground, double sided, directional sign, approximately 28 cm x 66 cm. [W]