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371 - 410 Collectables

Lot 371 Lot number 371
Lot to include Chinese carved wood vase stand, parcel gilt Brahma figure, 14 cm (h), small bronze figure and other. [W]
Lot 372 Lot number 372
Lot to include a boxed Tilley Stormlight, cased Zenith binoculars, scales, barometer and other. [W]
Lot 373 Lot number 373
Two boxed Lemax Christmas Village illuminated models comprising Village Park Swing Boats and The Fairthorne Inn, lot also includes a boxed A...
Lot 374 Lot number 374
A vintage Merrow sewing machine, model 60E, for restoration. [W]
Lot 375 Lot number 375
Johnson Bros, Roadstar - Two pieces to include a Johnson Bros Tally Ho 'The Jump' ceramic teapot. A boxed Roadstar TV-400 N...
Lot 376R Lot number 376R
Two money banks comprising a cast iron example in the form of a standing bear, 16 cm (h) and a Polish example in the form of an ocean liner,...
Lot 377R Lot number 377R
A mixed lot of collectables to include a wooden telephone box model, 22 cm (h), small mother of pearl pendant with hand painted depiction of...
Lot 378R Lot number 378R
A mixed lot to include ceramics, glassware, collectables and other. [W]
Lot 379 Lot number 379
A small quantity of collectables to include Chad Valley pillar box form money bank, trench art, apostle spoons and other. [W]
Lot 380 Lot number 380
Lot to include a vintage baby's rattle with teething ring, opera glasses, playing cards, bottle of Defontsoyes De Fontette Champagne (given ...
Lot 381 Lot number 381
Mixed collectables to include a vintage Olivetti typewriter, vintage ice skates and a Leonardo Collection model of a greyhound, 40 cm (h).
Lot 382 Lot number 382
A lot of small collectables to include two 19th century Wovenden, Sale glass apothecary bottles, pin badges, silver vesta case and other...
Lot 383 Lot number 383
A mixed lot to include a Christening dress, various 19th century and later bibles and religious books, cased binoculars, Bradford Exchange S...
Lot 384R Lot number 384R
Lot to include clothing, records, Smiths clock, LFC magazine and other. [W]
Lot 385R Lot number 385R
Radios and audio equipment to include Bush, Sunsonic and other. [W]
Lot 386 Lot number 386
A mixed lot to include a J. Rabone and Sons vintage spirit level (Glass has broke on right hand side)...
Lot 387 Lot number 387
Lot to include a vintage Sony Walkman, boxed Stylophone and vintage projector in carry case. [W]
Lot 388R Lot number 388R
3 x handbags and shoulder bags. Lot includes a leather beige shoulder bag. A black unmarked shoulder bag. A pink handbag...
Lot 389 Lot number 389
A mixed lot comprising Christmas decorations, ceramics to include Wade Natwest money bank, Royal Albert Mrs Tiggy Winkle, costume jewellery ...
Lot 390R Lot number 390R
Russian Nesting Dolls - A set of ten hand painted traditional Matryoshka and a set of five Russian Presidents dolls, also included in the lo...
Lot 391 Lot number 391
A vintage Bell (Belgium) Telephone Company telephone,black body with gilt lettering Belgique Bell Telephone MFG Company, bearing FTTR label,...
Lot 392 Lot number 392
Lot to include a cased set of opium scales, gilt metal box and enamel pill box. [W]
Lot 393 Lot number 393
A set of Russian president matryoshka dolls, two wood and white metal snuff boxes, stone obelisk (20 cm height) and other. [W]
Lot 394 Lot number 394
A hexagonal section metal teapot and cover with cane wrapped handle, 16 cm (h). [W]
Lot 395 Lot number 395
An antique copper and cast iron jug, probably 17th century, two copper jelly moulds and an antique plane. [W]
Lot 396 Lot number 396
A Coalbrookdale cast iron dish decorated in the classical revival style with hippocampus and mermen, 29 cm (d). [W]
Lot 397 Lot number 397
Small group of collectables to include a Persian minakari pot and cover, 14 cm (h), Canton enamel cover decorated with perching birds, minia...
Lot 398 Lot number 398
A mixed lot to include Oriental jewellery box, 22 cm x 21 cm x 10 cm, a pair of Art Deco style yellow glass door pushes with central sunburs...
Lot 399 Lot number 399
An early 20th century brass snuff box of oval form, a pair of miniature copper shoes and a pewter hip flask. [W]
Lot 400R Lot number 400R
Lot to include a vintage cuckoo clock, vintage beermats, first day covers and other. [W]
Lot 401R Lot number 401R
Mixed collectables to include a vintage View-Master (boxed) with slides / reels, dominoes, boxed Gucci pin dish, Minolta camera and other...
Lot 402R Lot number 402R
A quantity of collectable dolls, largest approximately 40 cm (h). [W]
Lot 403R Lot number 403R
Mixed ornaments and decorative items, predominantly ceramic. [W] NOTE: THIS LOT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR IN HOUSE SHIPPING, PLEASE CONTACT CLIEN...
Lot 404 Lot number 404
Copper and brass wares to include a powder flask, miner's watch protector, brass Russian costume bells, sugar caster and similar. [W]
Lot 405 Lot number 405
Mixed collectables to include Egyptian style busts, brassware to include candlesticks, 19th century coffin plate and similar. [W]
Lot 406 Lot number 406
A copper kashkul or alms bowl with scroll decoration, approximately 19 cm (l). [W]
Lot 407 Lot number 407
A small group of Oriental items to include small cork diorama scene, bogu pattern dish, Japanese figure of a man and a chicken and similar...
Lot 408 Lot number 408
A collection of desk seal, mostly turned wood examples. [W]
Lot 409 Lot number 409
Mixed collectables to include pocket watch, whistles, opera glasses, gold filled propelling pencil and other. [W]
Lot 410 Lot number 410
An Asian bronze depicting an elephant on carriage, approximately 14 cm (h), one further in the form of a camel pulling a cart and a leather ...
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