Lot Number 321

Mood Dragons - Ardleigh Elliott - W Germany Bay Pottery - Bradford Exchange. A miscellany of Pottery, Musical Trinket Pots. Musical Trinket Box, Noddy Trinket Box and two eagles with plates. Lot consists of: Eight Mood Dragons - Sneaky is missing a wing and Lazy's left wing comes loose, otherwise appearing in Excellent condition. Five Ardleigh Elliott Musical Trinket Pots appearing in Excellent condition though the glue has perished on some of the musical mechanisms. A West German Pottery jug by Bay 61 17.A musical Trinket lighthouse in styrofoam case by Ardleigh Elliott appearing in Excellent condition. A Noddy Collection Trinket Pot by Royal Stafford and Two Eagles with Plates in Styrofoam Cases by Bradford Exchange, appearing in Excellent condition. (This does not constitute a guarantee). [MP]